Windows 11 minimum system requirements 2021:UPDATE


Microsoft has been updated few specific requirements for the Windows 11.the corporate has announced during a blog post that it’s adding alittle number of additives to the compatible processor list after Windows Insider testing and exploring options with OEMs.

The base framework prerequisites presently likewise incorporate extra more established Intel CPUs which will be viable with Windows 11 and in this manner the old necessities are as yet appropriate.

A few months back, Microsoft revealed a number of the key requirements for running Windows 11 on a’ll require a processor that has at least two and extra a clock speed of 1GHz or higher. it’ll require for 4GB RAM or more, and minimum requirement 64GB storage.

The PC likewise will require a TPM security variant of TPM 2.0 and SecureBootCapable support.

This suggested that the machines that are running Intel’s 6th or 7th-generation processors won’t eligible to urge the new update. But, it seems that a number of them could be compatible.

“We did identify a group of PC models that meet the principles while running on Intel 7th Gen processors that we didn’t originally include in our minimum system requirements.”

As per the newest blog post of the corporate , the new additions to the compatible CPU list include Intel Core X-series and Xeon W-series. The rundown presently likewise incorporates Intel Core 7820HQ CPUs, however just chose device running this CPU are compatible.

The gadgets that dispatched with present day drivers upheld Declarative, Componentised, Hardware Support Apps (DCH) plan standards like the Surface Studio 2 are upheld.

Microsoft also confirmed that there are not any new additions for AMD CPUs. the corporate asserted that it’s carefully analysed AMD Zen processors in partnership with AMD.

Users will soon be ready to use Microsoft’s PC checkup app to seek out out whether their PC is compatible with Windows 11.

The app was also taken down by the corporate after mass feedback on the tool’s lack of data on why a system won’t be ready to run Windows 11.

“We will be go to the PC test application to detect the right situation with the recently added Intel CPUs inside the coming a long time before the device is launched for general accessibility,” the corporate said.



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