Who Is Richest noob in free fire? Lokesh Gamer 2022

Free fire one of most popular games in india. there are many professional gamers in india. and there are many professional players in free fire . but we talk about some pro and noob players in free fire . there are many pro players are in free fire . but today we talk about some noob playersin india . these are many richest noob in indoa which are famous but they play like noob. today we discuss about some richest noob in india as in free fire games.

Who are noob in Free fire?

basically, noobs are the gamers who can’.t play game well. we find noob and pro in every game in the world. throught they cant play well , they can entertain lots . noobs and pro ar always help each others to win their team in teah match. so lets talk about some Richest noobs.

Who is richest noob in free fire in india?

as we know after many seach lokesh gamer is the Richest noob in the free fire. he is famous and popular free fire content creator in india. he has more than 14 milion fans on youtube subsribers. the guy created his youtube channel on 16 november 2017. and he has more than 8735274536 views.

Stats of richest noob in free fire:

look at the stats.

  • Team Name — TEAM HIND (Leader)
  • Lifetime — Played more than 5000 matchs in squad game.
  • total wins more than 1500 matches .
  • win Ratio — more than 30%
  • Kills — more than 8.5K
  • K/D — Around 3.0

*The stats are from a specific time. These stats may change.

Also have look other stats of richest noob in free fire

Solo Mood

  • lifetime record — played more then 2000 matches in solo matches.
  • Total win more than 250 matches in solo mode
  • win rate — more than 40%
  • kills — around 3.7K
  • K/D — Around 2.5

Duo Mood

  • Life time record — played more than 1700 match in duo game.
  • total win more than 189 matches in duo mood.
  • win rate — more than 32%
  • Kills — around 4.7K
  • K/D — Around 2.7


Does it matter are you noob?

it is does not matter are you noob or not whenever you are richest noob in india in fre fire games. you play as well as you can. you should have a own creativity. many people playing game is better that doen’.t means all player are noob in world some people are noobs and some player are playing good.

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