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As you know who is Nora Fatehi but I will give you complete information about Nora.

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let’s know about Nora fatehi

Nora fatehi was born on 6 Fab 1992 in the Arabic family of the city of Toronto in Canada, Nora fatehi’s mother is a native of India because of Nora fatehi’s mother, Nora’s association remained in Bollywood cinema since childhood.

Nora did her schooling’s best new secondary school, Nora was a good student in her studies from the beginning, she loved watching Bollywood pictures since childhood and after watching the film, Nora became obsessed with becoming a Bollywood actor,

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Nora also came to know that no actor in Bollywood is the best in dance, so Nora thought that dance is also necessary to become an actor when Nora put hopes of becoming an actor in fronts of the family member,

Her family member very angry, the said that dancing and acting of a girl is strictly prohibited in our community, even after actress 1,2 times, dues to which she also had to the scolding than Nora started learning dance hiding from family, she used to practice dance when there was no one at home and everyone was sleeping, when she dance in dance, his friends made fun of her. after that Nora learned to dance with the help at the net and with the help of youtube.

Then she went to high school, then she participated in a dance competition in high school. she did wonder in the competition Nora’s friends couldn’t believe seeing Nora dance and Nora dance was praised by everyone and Nora got the award for best dance in that competition.

It was a small step toward his destination

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sometimes after a lot of trouble as arisen in front of Nora and after sometimes there was a fight between Nora’s parents and they got divorced after the responsibility of Nora’s family and her brother increased, Nora started working as a waitress in a restaurant simultaneously Nora was also doing modeling and simultaneously he took admission in york university in Toronto after that Nora got a photoshoot done in many companies and applied in many agencies of India.

An agency likes Nora’s pictures very much that the company hired Nora. Nora came to Mumbai for the first time in 2012 then Nora did an ad act but that company cheated with Nora. Nora did not get any money on that ad then Nora left that company. then gave her performance in many places but due to not sowing the Hindi language properly, she was thrown out.

After that Nora joined Hindi languages classes as well as acting classes. After that someone told Nora, Nora to try it in south films then Nora Nora try in south films after that Nora got an item song. then bora did her first son in the movie temper. People liked this dance which got her to do more item song

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After that dance was like on Manohar song in bahubali. Nora got so much recognition after the item song act that she was invited to the reality show Bigg boss. this show acted as the turning point in his life because Bigg boss is too high. Nora got a chance to work in harrdy Sandhu’s album whose name was NAAH. that album garnered over 100 million views.

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After that Nora got an item song in Satya me jayte in 2018 and the song’s name is Dilbar. Nora gets her identity from this song. After seeing the dance everyone understood that Nora is a high lever dancer after this Nora has got good offers, Nora’s dance fell in the directors and he got the role of Nora in street dancer.


Nora and acter angad both were very close to each other. the detail of their relationship was shared on social media bot when actor angad married Neha Dubya then Nora said in an interview that angad and I were in relationship and she is deeply hurted by angad married. it was a very difficult time for Nora, Nora distanced herself from the internet

  • Nora lived in girls hostel in Mumbai.
  • Nora also participated in the dance show jhalak dhikhlaja.
  • Nora also told everyone that Nora is a big fan of salman khan because Nora had seen salman khan’s movie since childhood.
  • Nora has achieved a great position today because of her courage and Nora faces it’s own difficulties

nora fateh hight, weight, eye colour, hair colour

hight5 foot 5 inch
weight55 kg
figure measurement34-26-34
eye colorblack
hair colorblack

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