What is Quantum Computing? You need to know in a simple and easy way

The world of technology is expanding rapidly. Machines have started taking the place of humans. There was a time when the development of computers had revolutionized the field of technology.

Now artificial intelligence has given a new form to the use of computers and robots in every aspect from medicine to weapons. Ever since the computer was made, its size is getting smaller. His ability to work has increased.

 You must have seen that 10 years ago the cheap of your mobile was 1TB, the same chip in the same size, today you are getting 1TB.

 From this, we can get an idea of ​​how fast technology is progressing. Continuous progress is being seen in the computer, similar to this progress, another research is going on, which is named Quantum Computer.

Quantum computers are completely different from traditional computers and according to experts, the capacity of a developed quantum computer is more than a supercomputer. It is believed that the quantum computer is the computer of the future. What is Quantum Computing? You need to know in a simple and easy way

What is quantum computing? Explain in brief

A quantum computer is a machine that stores data and performs computations using the principles and rules of quantum physics.

Quantum computers can do very difficult tasks successfully in a few seconds. Which we can not even think of doing this in time from today.

Quantum computer is the computer of the future, it is completely different from the computer of today’s era and they are powerful. There is a very special reason behind this, existing computer programs use bits to run or to run calculations in any way.

Due to which the data is kept in the form of 0 and 1, whatever kind of information is in our computer, remains in the form of these bits. Binary Digits are used to write programs in machine language which have only 2 values ​​0 and 1 because our computer understands these digits and completes its task.

There are transistors in the circuits of computers. Which recognizes these bits and converts them into an electrical signal and sends the data to all the parts.

 Any software is prepared to run in the computer, after loading it into the computer, the processor then converts it into machine language, so that the computer understands that program and completes the work.

What are Qubits and how its work?

What are Qubits and how its work

Quantum digits are used instead of binary digits in quantum computers. In quantum computers, quantum digits are used instead of binary digits.

Quantum digits are called qubits in sorted form. The bits used in a common computer can have a value only once or the value of one of the bits will be 0 or 1. But the value of qubits can be more than 0 and 1 at once.

The qubits can hold up to 3 types of values at the same time. Either the value of one qubit will be 1 or it will be 0 or else 0 and 1 will be together, this means that 4 values can be kept in the qubits simultaneously.

This quality makes quantum computers special. Its speed and speed are more than any other computer. Quantum computers can perform complex calculations much faster and more easily than ordinary computers.

How does a quantum computers work? And how its works for Qubits.

Quantum computers use atomic atoms instead of computer chips for calculations. The idea of ​​Quantum computers came when the scientist came to mind when he understood that Atom is naturally a complex calculator.

According to science, any atom rotates naturally, just as a needle keeps rotating in a magnetic compass, in the same way, this atom is either upwards or downwards. It matches well with digital technology. Which presents each data in digits of 0 or 1.

An atom can have an upward spin of 1 and a downward spin of 0. But if the spin of the atom is measured, then it can go both up or down at the same time. That is why it cannot be equal to ordinary computer bits.

This is the reason that scientists have named it qubits, which hold both of these values ​​at once.

The qubits used in the quantum computer are filled with such an amount of energy that to make it special, the higher qubits are kept at 0 degrees and cooled down to the temperature of the space.

 If their temperature does not fall below 0 degrees, then they are not in a working condition. That’s why programming works in a slightly different way in quantum computing, which is a complicated task to make.


Top 10 companies that use quantum computers

  1. ColdQuanta
  2. IBM
  3. 1QBit
  4. Microsoft
  5. Honeywell
  6. QC Ware
  7. D-Wave Solutions
  8. Zapata Computing
  9. Xanadu
  10. Regetti

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