What is Hamraaz app? About hamraaz app/Indian Army

We are indians and it is our duty that we all together help our country,help our indian army,how we have to do it.To see all this and what to do our for our indian army,we all together helped the indian army today.so today we all of us together helped the indian army very little by making the app called: HAMRAAZ ARMY APP

What is Hamraaz Army App?about /How use it app/All about information about it.

Read about it written below……..

Hamraaz app is very benificial for our indian army.it is very usefull for our indian army.It is launched in india in second weak of august 2017.This app is only for indian army.This app is only for known for indian army posting and promotions.This app is also for konwn the salary slip of indian army.

This app can be innovated by anyone other than indian army.It is also available in playstore.It is very easy for download.First you have to signin then this app is open then you will have to enter your own adhar card number.

Then you will have got the enrollment number from your PPS Indian army side and enter that then it will go on.Hamraaz is good for indian army. Humraaz app can only run on android phone.After few months it will also come for the iphone users.it is a social working app.

There is a lot of work in this app like through the app,there can be talk among the soldiers, they can be anywhere in india.There are many features in this app,which helps the indian army a lot,through which they can also do many things in their home,from which they have to go somewhere or go and more applications in this app which are very benificial for soldiers.

If you are trying to download Hamraaz app army on google play store, then the humraaz application is not available.So you can download from a govt. seva application store Official Website or mobile seva app store.

This app version is: 6.25.wheares the humraaz download has any bug fixes Version like 2.79, 3.6, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.51, Etc. Www.Apps.Mgov.Gov.In. Download app from this link.


  • We get notification of every change in it.
  • We get to know everything about family details in this.
  • In this we get to know everything about the policy and important info.
  • It also give us PPO details.
  • You will get the information of how many times you have to drawn funds till 3 years back.
  • If you are asked to change your password then you can.
  • This app is absolutely free there are no charges.
  • This hamraaz app and hamraj app is only usefull for jawan’s army.
  • This is not usefull for indian citizens.And many more information about this app.
  • It is only for indian army app.this app is also support armaan army app.

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