What is Cyber Security? Everything To Know in the Easiest Way

With the advancement of technology, computers, and the Internet are used in every field. In today’s time, we are doing our work on the internet. Money transactions are also done online, that is, the basis of all types of data is provided. The user’s laptop computer, mobile tablet, or other device is connected to this internet.

The level at which the Internet is being used all over the world and millions of millions of users use it every day, so it is very important that the security of the user should also be taken care of. There is news of fraud hacking virus attacks etc. on the internet every day.

It is very important to provide security of user’s data. Cyber security is used to protect internet users from cybercrime.

In this post, we will try to explain to you well about cyber security.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a type of security that is for systems connected to the Internet, cyber security is made up of two words, the first is partial cyber, the second is security, cyber is related to internet information technology computer network application data. While security is related to security, it includes system security, network security, application security, information security.

To strengthen cyber security, more security is being made through the Internet so that any kind of data can not be stolen And keep all documents and files safe. Today cyber security is being done to prevent cybercrime all over the world.

On the basis of cyber security, by hacking the organization or any user important data, with the help of electronic tools without permission, the organization or the computer devices of the users access it, after stealing some data and files, demand money from them in return. Does anyone have any known kind of cybercrime?

Crime and the crime using the internet harming him to anybody Small incorrectly internet means that called unethical hacker through the Internet the crime is called cybercrime.

Is Cyber Security Hard?

A security degree is harder than other programs. Many types of technical issues have to be solved, we have to protect it from different types of viruses, the undefined methods that attack us, we have to protect our organization from our system, it is a very critical job. If you do all this, then you are welcome in this, you can do this work in a professional manner, showing your interest in this thing.

What are the 5 types of cyber security?

  • Cloud security– Cloud security is a set of control-based security measures and technology protection designed to protect online stored resources from leakage, theft, and data loss. Protection includes cloud infrastructure, applications, and data threats.
  • System security– The definition of any security system becomes clear from its name itself. It is a system that is made up of a combination of many components and machines which provide security using a certain method. Here we are talking about a home security system, which is a network of integrated electronic devices, which together with the control panel, provides protection against thieves and other potential intruders.
  • Network security– Network security means to protect unauthorized (Unauthorized) to a network Access Misuse and Risk. Under it is in compliance with all regulations and measures, so as to preserve the network.
  • Application security– App to prevent describe the security measures to protect application level is aimed at stealing data or code within the app or hijacked. This application contains safety-minded during the development and design, but it also includes systems and approaches after keeping the app secure.
  • Information security– In Information Security we any computer (or any processing device) in stored data security and Unauthorized access to any system outside the ongoing data transfer between systems.

What Are the Different Types of Cyber Attacks?

  • Virus

Computer viruses have about you will have heard, which is sent to the computer of a type of malware program especially victims who have computers in the system by copying itself into a virus right time to harm spread without the permission of the user, the user’s computer can fail or steal the data.

  • Adware

Adware is a group of malware known to generate messages. By using lucrative Ads, a hacker creates software when a user downloads that software, hacks, with the help of that software, accesses the user’s computer, or deletes or steals important data or files.

  • Trojan horse

A Trojan horse is a malware program that presents itself as harmless or useful software. Trojan takes control of our computer and executes the malicious action. This can not be copied like any other virus, but it does install the virus in the system. This can delete system file data, steal important information and passwords, and lock the system.

  • Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of virus that is used to attack the user on the computer, it causes a lot of damage to the files lying in the computer. Then after this, the criminal takes a bribe from anyone whose computer or system has been damaged in this way and after that, he fixes his system.

  • Fishing Email

A Phishing Email is usually done to steal personal information from the user, which is a form of fraud, which is sent mail in a fraudulent way so that this mail has come from a good organization, the purpose of this method of mail is common. Stealing important data such as credit card details or log in or password.

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Is cyber security good for carriers?

As people’s dependence on the Internet and computers is increasing, in the same way, due to the increase in cybercrime, the demand for such experts in this field is increasing, who are cyber security experts and who have the knowledge of cyber law.

Law and police have failed to stop the cases, due to which the possibility of cyber expert has arisen in this field, if you also want to work in this field, then after passing 12, you can take admission in any of its courses.

There are many cyber security jobs

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)- CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is a senior-level executive to develop and implement an information security program, which includes procedures and policies designed to protect enterprise communications, systems, and assets from both internal and external threats are responsible for.
  • Cryptographer- Cryptographers are secure of computers, ciphers to encrypt data and information technology systems by creating algorithms. They often also fulfill the duties of a cryptanalyst, ciphers for decrypting information and deciphering algorithms.
  • network security engineer- The main role of a  network security engineer is to manage designing, planning, auditing, optimizing, the responsibility of risk assessment, and troubleshooting network security systems. These engineers also perform network-based security risk assessments and continually design solutions to deal with new issues that may occur as a company expands.
  • Security architect- A Security Architect has a versatile job. The most task for designing, building, testing, and implementing security systems and institute within an organization’s IT network field.
  • Security analyst- An information Security analysts are financial professionals that Analyze, reports system security posture trends and prevents any malicious attacks and stealing files.
  • Security consultant- The main task of cybersecurity consultant job design and implement a better defense and measure of cybersecurity of their organization.
  • Source code auditor- A source code auditor reviews source code in applications finds out the bug and fixes it and also glitches. code auditor. Code editors need to know about the latest technology and method that they are not using new hackers.

Scope of cyber security?

If we believe in expert prediction, then its scope is 170 billion industry market of cyber security, in the last 5 years in 2020. Security professionals have higher salaries than average Information Technology (IT) professionals.


Let us know in this blog what is cyber security, it is hard, its five different types of cyberattacks. Know how many are good for a cyber security career and what is its scope?

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