What is AI? and How its Important For Human Beings

Artificial intelligence you must have heard about it, nowadays, we use many applications like Google Map and Google Assistant in the smartphone.

Man is such a living being in this entire universe, along with giving his mind, God has also given him the skill to use it in the right way. Where has man reached with his intellect, humans have invented other things like computers and internet smartphones on the strength of their intelligence.

 Due to which human life has got a new direction. In the field of technology, man has developed so much that now he is thinking about thinking like him and making a machine that moves like humans, which has the ability to work like humans. The one who made that advanced machine is called Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?

what is artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that is developing such a machine that can think and work like a human. When we prepare a computer in such a way that it can work like intelligence, then it is called artificial intelligence, that is, we prepare a machine which can work like a human, it is called artificial intelligence.

This is the power of intelligence, we are created automatically inside human beings by seeing something, hearing something and touching something that we can think about how we should behave with whom. Similarly, artificial is developed inside the computer as well.

Through which computer systems or robotic systems are prepared. Which runs on the same logic on which the human mind works.

The scientists of computer science had placed artificial intelligence in front of the world. Those who told us that through the concept of AI, a plan is being made to make a Concealer Control Machine or a software that can think the same way as the human brain thinks.

Humans also want to do the work of thinking, analysis and remembering in place of their brain with a machine computer. That is why emphasis has been laid on the nature of artificial intelligence.

Computer Science, also known as Machine Learning, is a part of AI that gives you the ability to improve yourself and your experience from your experience. Machine learning focuses on computer programs that can access data and learn on their own.

Just as humans improve their abilities, in the same way there are programs of artificial intelligence through which machines can also learn. In today’s time, Python programming language is being used the most for AI and Machine Learning.

Who started Artificial Intelligence

The term AI was first used by John McCarthy in 1995. He was an American computer scientist who first told about this technology in a conference in 1956. That’s why he is called the Father of Artificial Intelligence.

Where will Artificial Intelligence be used?

The popularity of artificial intelligence continues to grow with great enthusiasm and today it has become a topic that is being discussed in the fields of technology and business, many experts believe that AI or machine learning is our future.

If you look around you will know that this is not our future but our present. With the development of technology, artificial intelligence is connected in some way or the other and is also using it.

Recently, many companies have invested heavily in machine learning, due to which many artificial intelligence products and apps have become available to us. Here is some example of artificial intelligence.

  • Siri: Siri is a great example of artificial intelligence, which allows you to do all the things you used to do on the Internet before.

Getting information from the Internet, opening the application and getting many things done, like setting timer, setting alarm, you can get your work done by saying Hey Siri without touching your hands.

Siri uses machine learning technology to understand your language and queries. Like Siri, Google Assistant also works on Artificial Intelligence.

  • Google map: Google makes good use of artificial intelligence in its fields. Artificial intelligence is well used in Google Maps, tracks our location and uses AI enabled mapping to tell us the right way and helps us to tell the right route
  • Echo: Popular e-commerce Amazon has also launched such a revolutionary product which we also know as Echo. It can answer your questions, read audiobooks for you, give your traffic condition and weather reports, give the score and schedule of any sport.
  • Automobile: If you like cars, then you must know about Tesla cars. This car is one of the best Automobiles ever available. After joining the Tesla car, many other features like self driving are available, do not know how many more such self-driving cars are being made. This car will also become smarter in the coming time.
  • Manufacturing Machine: AI is also being used extensively in the manufacturing industries. The work which used to require hundreds of people to do, today with the help of machines, it is being done very quickly and better.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence?


  1. AI helps us in working with the error, increases the chances of working with more accuracy.
  2. Using AI enables faster decisions and faster actions.
  3. Unlike humans, machines do not require constant rest and refreshment. He is capable of doing it for a long time. He neither gets bored nor gets distracted nor gets tired.
  4. With the help of AI, there can be a change in the areas of communication, defence, all disaster management and agriculture etc.


  1. The benefits of artificial intelligence are not yet clear. It can be said about the dangers that due to the arrival of AI, the biggest loss will be of humans.
  2. AI with human beings and machines themselves take the decisions and if they are not controlled then it can become a danger to humans.
  3. Experts say that if the thinking robots start considering humans as their enemies for some reason, then there can be a threat to humanity.
  4. The demand for artificial intelligence requires a high cost as it is a complex machine, it requires a lot of cost for its repair and maintenance.
  5.  There is no point in this ai is snatching away the jobs of human beings and the number of unemployment is going to increase in future.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who is invented Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The term Artificial Intelligence was first used by John McCarthy in 1995. He was an American computer scientist who first told about this technology in a conference in 1956. That’s why he is called the Father of Artificial Intelligence.

What is the main programming language of artificial intelligence?

Python is the most used language for Machine Learning.

Is AI an existential threat to humanity?

yes, With the arrival of AI, the number of unemployment will increase and it can become a threat to us by taking its own decision.

Why are we making AI knowing that it can become a threat to humanity?

AI deserves us to do more work faster and better in less time. And with the help of this, by taking multiple tasks simultaneously and taking its own desion, it can be a solution to big diseases. If we control the AI, then it is considered the best for us.

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