Snack video app is from which country? Is Snack Video a Chinese app?

When Tiktok came to India, the trend of short videos started very fast. It was available on the platform in-app and iOS and was popular among the people as well. Craters have now used these platforms to imitate the leader, lyric music and fun dance, and so on.

However, Chinese Tiktok was banned in India India. After the closure of Tiktok, the trend of other short videos app started in India. Due to which people got a chance to work on those platforms.

Is Snack Video App Chinese or Indian? 

Snack Video App is a video app platform. Who can upload or watch a video made for entertainment for the people. It is available on the Google Play Store, and the app is also available on the iOS platform. The app is quite popular like other new short video apps which is doing well now. This app has rating of 4.3 stars and its volume is 41.91 MB in exact size to download.

Now coming to the concerns related to its origin, the app was launched by Kuaiishnou Technology earlier this year, as reported. The company has Chinese roots and is a Tencent-backed brand. The company announced itself as a rival to the ByteDance-owned TikTok.

Is This Snack Video App Safe? 

The origin of this snack video app is of Chinese origin though it could not make it to the list of banned apps which was released by the Indian government. This app is currently available for download and is running on Google Charts. This app has not come under radar yet, you can use it safely. But take a look at all the permissions which you are giving on this app.

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