What is the LeadsArk Affiliate Program? Review 2022 | Is it a Scam?

Today I have brought a very effective and interesting topic for you, whose name is LeadsArk. You also want to earn money online sitting at home from part-time additional income sources. So today we are going to tell you about the best online earning platform for you, which is named “Leadshark affiliate marketing program”.

Today we will tell you what is Leadsark affiliate marketing?

LeadsArk Review :

LeadsArk is a training platform, but it also gives affiliate programs to its users, so before you join LeadsArk affiliate marketing, you should know very well what is affiliate marketing? How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing? If you do not have any information about Affiliate Marketing, then you do not need to panic, in one of our posts, we have explained in detail about Affiliate Marketing. Click on the link given below-

✔ What is Affiliate Marketing? How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

what is Leardsark?

Leadsark is a type of training program that provides you affiliate platform which will be called an online training product first and an affiliate platform later, from which you will get to learn a lot, from this you can earn up to 70% commission.

Leaksark Founder : (Who is the owner of Leaksark?) 

Leadsark’s owner is “Ayaz Mohammad Khan”, he says that all the things he has learned have been shown to you in leadshark. In which many things have been tried to explain to you in simple language so that whenever you have to watch this lecture, you do not face any problem.

Features of Leadsark 2.0 :

1. Helping to generate more and more leads.

2. Generating social media strategy to generate highly qualified leads.

3. To generate maximum audience and maximum leads by optimizing social media.

4. Finding the target audience for your business or if you say affiliate.

5. Identifying Fake Leeds.

6. Targeting high-quality fi audience with the help of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

7. Publishing such content with the help of which you can get good results.

LeadsArk Courses :

Leadsark has 3 courses in its training program –

1. LeadsArk Lite: In the LeadsArk lite product, you get 4 types of courses which are as follows

  1. Organic Lead Generation
  2. Social Media marketing
  3. Personal Branding
  4. Attraction Marketing

2. LeadsArk Standard: In LeadsArk standard product you get leadsark lite as well as other 4 types of courses which are as follows –

1. More Advanced Strategy of Organic Lead Generation

2. Advanced Group Promotion strategy

3. Product Review Strategy

4. Lead Magnet Offer Strategy

5. + LeadsArk Lite

3. LeadsArk Pro: In the LeadsArk pro course, you are given leads that are lite+ LeadsArk standard product as well as other courses and much more which are as follows-

Affiliate Marketing Training by Ayaz Mohammad-

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Concept & Strategy
  2. Niche & Product Selection
  3. How to Work Like a Pro
  4. Different Affiliate Platforms – ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus
  5. Finding Killer Products beyond these Affiliate Platforms
  6. Marketing & Promotions of Affiliate Offers
  7. Advanced Strategy of Leads Generation

Sales Training by Ayaz Mohammad-

  1. Advance Sales Strategy
  2. How to Pitch your Affiliate Offers
  3. Objection handling
  4. Sales Closing
  5. Sales script

CPA Affiliate Marketing Training by Shabbir Ahmed Khan-

  1. Basic Concept of CPA Marketing
  2. How to get CPA Offers from IMC Platform
  3. How to find Ad Copies
  4. Relevant Keywords Research
  5. How to Create Bing Ads
  6. How to Optimize Bing ads
  7. DFY Landing Page / Sales Funnel Module
  8. How to get Bing Ads Coupons for Initial Campaigning

Personal Branding Training by Diya Asrani-

  1. How to Build Your Personal Brand Presence
  2. How to get the Niche Clarity
  3. How to Create Brand Story
  4. How to Position your Brand
  5. How to Create Brand Kit
  6. Content Creation for Personal Branding
  7. How to maintain Content Hygiene
  8. Basics of Copywriting

Instagram Marketing Strategy by Aman Rajput-

  1. Introduction of Instagram Marketing
  2. 3 Most Important Things in Instagram
  3. Business Accounts and Highlights
  4. Personal Branding with Feed
  5. Instagram Stories Guide
  6. Instagram Hashtags & Caption
  7. How to Grow with Reels
  8. Hacks to Jump Start from the Scratch in Instagram

LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing Strategy by Shivam Gupta-

  1. Basic Concept of Affiliate Marketing
  2. Advantages of LeadsArk and Why LeadsArk
  3. Why People Fail in Affiliate Marketing
  4. How to Present LeadsArk to the prospects
  5. Organic Lead Generation
  6. Instagram hacks to attract Quality Leads
  7. Content Creation 

LeadsArk course prices :

LeadsArk Lite course price

Rs. 2000 + GST

LeadsArk Standard course price

Rs. 3500 + GST

LeadsArk Pro course price

Rs. 7000 + GST

LeadsArk Bonuses : 

LeadsArk training program also gives Bonuses to its users, let’s know what is Leadsark Bonuses?

LeadsArk Bonus Courses-

  1. Social Media Content Creation
  2. YouTub Channel SEO
  3. Email Marketing Automation
  4. Internet Marketing for Beginners – E-Book Bundle
  5. Affiliate Marketing Success – E-Book
  6. Facebook Group Domination E-Book
  7. YouTube Quick-Start E-book
  8. FB Messenger Chatbot 

How to promote the product(courses) of LeadsArk Company?

Ajay Mohammad Khan, the owner of LeadsArk company, has trained over 10,000 affiliate marketers over the past 3 years to ensure they learn how to generate quality leads organically and make money online.

The company that wants to promote its product. Whoever joins the affiliate through that affiliate, gives that join person to promote the affiliate product.

The people who joined can share the link of that product on their blog website, social media, emails, etc. Through I, leadsark promotes the product, and when the visitors like the course and buy it, then the user who gives the referral link gets a commission for that product.

How to generate leads for LeadsArk?

LeadsArk is a very good platform, in which direct sales affiliate commission is up to 70%-75%. All this is fine but now it comes to how to generate sales.

Social media is the best and most tremendous platform to promote any affiliate product, you can promote LeadsArk affiliate product via Instagram, Facebook, youtube, blog, advertisement, email marketing, webinars, etc. Through this you can generate very good sales.

If you have joined leadsark then you have been taught about the best social media marketing in it.

Leadsark Real or Fake :

If you think that leadsark is a scam or it is a wrong type of platform then it is not so at all, it is a very trusted platform that is ISO certified, and it is in a better position in India.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Who is this Training Course for?

This leadsark is specially designed for Affiliate marketers, network marketers, internet marketers.

Who is the owner of leadsark?

The owner in the leadsark is “Ayaz Mohammad Khan“.

Is LeadsArk Scam or not?

No, LeadsArk is not a scam of any kind, LeadsArk is an IOS-certified company.

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