James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope will be the largest modern complex telescope in our human history, which will be 100x more powerful than the Hubble telescope.
The James Webb Space Telescope is an infrared telescope on which work was started in 1996.

This ambitious space telescope is being built in collaboration with the American Space Agency NASA, the European Space Agency ESA, the Canadian Space Agency CSA.
Initially, there was a plan to launch the Space Telescope in 2007, which was expected to cost only 500 million. But in 2005, several major changes were made to its initial design, after which its launch was carried forward several times. After several years of delay, its construction was completed in 2016.

After this, its cost increased to close to 10 billion dollars. After completing the construction in 2016, its initial tests were started which continued till 2019.

At that time it was possible to launch it in March 2021, but at the last moment, some other technical flaw occurred in it, after which its launch was once again extended to December 2021. This James Webb Space Telescope will likely be one of the most complex advanced instruments in human history.

About 1200 scientists, engineers, and technicians from 14 countries have contributed to making it. The James Webb Space Telescope will mainly study our universe in the ultra-violet septum. Diameter 6.5 of the primary mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope. is meter. That is, 100x bigger than our Hubble telescope. This James Webb Space Telescope will be able to see in space and in the even more distant Universe.

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Its 65-meter giant mirror is mainly made of gold and beryllium. Whose protection is shielded by gold plated gold?

Beryllium is a very durable and lightweight material and when it is covered with layers of gold, it helps in studying infrared light. Its cameras are very sensitive, which is also very important to avoid the rays of the sun.

It is to avoid the rays of the sun. Scientists have prepared 5 temporary sun shields in the shape of Tannispot. Sunshield’s 5 layers are smaller than human hair. Which will work to protect the infrared cameras and their other sensors.

Along with this, they will also be protected from cold temperatures so that this telescope can work properly. Where these sun shields help the space telescope to study our universe easily, it also creates a huge problem for it. This sun shield sun shields
In which 8 motors are installed with 149 actuators. These correct parts and motors must be fully functional in order to fold the different parts of the sun shield.

There will be 4 major scientific instruments in this telescope.

  1. NIR Cam (Near Infrared Camera)
  2. NIR Spec (Near Infrared Spectrograph)
  3. MIRI (Mid-Infrared instrument)
  4. FGS (Fine Guidence Sensor)

The mirror in the James Webb Space Telescope is so sensitive that it is capable of detecting the heat signature of a bee that is thousands of kilometers away.
The James Webb Space Telescope will be installed in Lagrange Point 2 ie Alto instead of the low orbit of the Earth opposite to the Hubble Telescope.

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Lagrange Point 2 is a Khash Point located 1.5 million kilometers away from the Earth, due to being very far away from the Earth, this point has the least interferons of the Earth and our Sun in the observation of JamesTelescope. Due to which one can study our universe very easily. Also, the space missions to be installed at this place have to use very little fuel to stay in their orbit.

But these benefits have to be paid a very high price. Due to the very long distance from the earth, the Hubble will not be as serviceable as the telescope. That is, astronauts will not be able to go to space from time to time to repair this telescope and install new instruments, that is, scientists will have only one chance to make the James Webb Space Telescope perfect.

What will the James Webb Space Telescope give to scientists in return?
The other stars, the galaxies, are several million kilometers away from our Earth, due to which it takes many light times for their light to reach the Earth.

Therefore, with the help of a telescope, we will be able to see as far into the universe as we are, in fact, we will be looking back in the past with very powerful infrared cameras James Webb Space Telescope About 135 billion years from today, the beginning of our universe i.e. Big bang After that, when you will be able to see the early stars and the galaxies.

By studying the stars of these early galaxies closely, we can learn a lot about their formation as well as their end.

The James Webb Space Telescope Infrared Telescope will be able to easily see and study the stars, space bodies hidden behind a dense cloud of gas and dust, which other telescopes have not been able to find yet. Scientists believe that this telescope can also help us in detecting alien life on other distant planets.

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Scientists hope that this month it can be launched from French Guiana in South America through the five rockets of ESA’s Ariana. You can watch it live from here.

After launch, it will take about 1 month to reach L-2. The work of setting up its deployment, testing, communication, and adjusting its position will be done, which may take some more time. After the launch, scientists will get to see the first picture through the James Webb Space Telescope after 6 months. Because it takes time to setup.

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