How To Start a YouTube Channel In 2022: Easy to Understand and Simple

In today’s era everyone wants money. Because this is the era of floats and with time it has become necessary for people to wish money. If you also want to earn money, how can you earn in the online era. Today’s article is for you and as you have seen in the article, how you can earn from YouTube. So let’s read this article well and with interest so that you do not get bored and enjoy reading too.

We will try that this article is not big so that you may find it difficult to read and share your complete knowledge in word to word.

What is youtube and How to make money from it?

YouTube is such a platform on which you can easily reach your videos to the people and also earn money.

If you are thinking that by posting videos on YouTube, you cannot earn money immediately, unless you share some valuable content in your videos that people like to see it or can help them.

You can make videos in any language on YouTube and target your users.

How can you earn money from Youtube?

Your video people will like the video. And you will get Google Adsense ads on your videos, then ads will come on your videos and you will start wishing money so that people will get good content and you will get money as well as benefits to the people of advertisement. You have to add Adsense Ads to your videos.

There are some conditions of YouTube that you have to fulfill. You have to bring 4000 hours watchtime and 1000 subscriber to your youtube then ads will come on your videos. When you have ads in your adsense, then you will be able to earn money with the help of ads running on videos.

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Youtube Videos Ideas

If you do not know on which topic we should make videos. Some of these ideas are given below.

  • Start a Vlog
  • Explainer Video
  • Tour Video
  • A Day in the Life
  • Culture Videos
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Introduce Friends or Family
  • 50 Facts About Me
  • Draw My Life
  • Education
  • DIY Video
  • How-To/Tutorial
  • Cooking or Recipe Tutorial
  • Product Tutorial
  • Explain a Concept
  • Workout Video
  • Webinar or Presentation
  • Whiteboard Video
  • Facts
  • Product Reviews
  • Movie Review
  • Book Review
  • Game Review
  • Comedy/Skits
  • Music Video
  • Prank Videos
  • Cute/Funny Baby Videos
  • Cute/Funny Animal Videos
  • Challenge Videos
  • Singing/Lip Syncing
  • Magic Tricks
  • Walkthrough Video
  • Speed-run Videos
  • Unboxing Video
  • Collection Videos
  • Live Streaming

Don’t know how many more ideas you can put in videos. You should come to entertain people so that people trust you and your popularity increases.

What kind of videos should not put on youtube?

YouTube does not support any illegal videos or activities. And whoever makes such a mistake, then YouTube immediately deletes his accounts. Do you know if you do such activities then you may also have problems.

These are some illegal activities that you don’t have to do on YouTube.

  • Adult Content
  • Don’t post videos that can kill people

When will we become successful from youtube?

successful man photo

Beginner Youtubers do not understand when we will become successful. When YouTubers start publishing their videos on YouTube in the beginning, then many questions come in their mind that when will we become successful and when people will start knowing us, in this way we can tell you that the competition in YouTube has increased and the people To see something new and good, in such a situation, you put your unique videos.

So you will get views as well as people will start recognizing you. But all this takes time to reach the people, so you have to work on trending videos so that people can reach more and more people in time so that your channel can grow, which will increase your earning.

Note: You keep adding content regularly, when what videos become viral.

If you want to know, let us tell you when you will make success from YouTube. You can also take at least 1-2 years.

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