How to send a gift message on Instagram

Recently Instagram has brought some new updates for its fans. In this, you can use it while sending messages to others. You can send gifts to your friends, how so today we are going to tell you in this article.

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So let’s start with how you can give a gift to your friend. Instagram has brought a new update so that you can send a text or message to others in a gift box. The person in front of it will find that box very attractive and beautiful and it can also make him happy.
With the help of this, you can wish your friends Happy Birthday or Festival event.

Also, the recipient will not be able to read the message until he/she clicks on that box. That box will open as soon as you click, this box opens in such a way as if you have actually opened one of your boxes, it is a very amazing update and the user in front will see that message on the mobile screen.

However, this feature is also available in messanger. After Messenger, it will now be seen in Instagram as well. How do we do it and how can we use it.

Send Gift Messages on Instagram

Recently Instagram has added a new feature in the chat box, to enable it, first you will need to update Instagram because only after the update is done, you will get to see this feature in the Instagram chat box.

  1. firstly open instagram app on your mobile phone.
  2. Swipe to the right to open Instagram Chat.
  3. Now you type your message, which you want to send as a gift. don’t send it now.
  4. When you type your message, you should see a search icon on the left side of the chat.
  5. Click the Search icon and swipe up to select a template for your gift message.
  6. When you will get the gift box icon, then click on it and the message will be sent.

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