How to Increase followers on Instagram legal Way

If you do not know that how to increase followers on Instagram legal way tricks will be able to do insta Follower Increase.

Nowadays, on searching how to increase Instagram followers 2021 in google, much wrong information is found, in which many wrong methods are told to increase Instagram followers, in which people talk to increase followers from any app and website, but today we will give you the original The Geniune Method is about to tell.

Many people increased the follower of their account from a similar Instagram follower increasing site, increased 500 followers in a day but checked the next day, it was 400, then the next day again it became 300, as soon as all the followers were reduced, as soon as before. The followers were the same, they remained the same.

That is why do not use any such apps or websites to increase followers, your account may be banned. The same problem is also on the website giving likes, so you should not use these websites, let’s know how to increase followers on Instagram.

what is instagram?

Instagram is the world’s largest popular photo, video, sharing app, it was launched in 2010. Its creators are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who designed it and brought it to the public for use. Later, seeing its increasing popularity, Facebook bought it completely in 2012.

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How to increase followers on instagram?

Instagram is the world’s biggest popular photo, video, sharing app, that’s why people want to increase more followers here so that they can get more likes and comments and want to be more famous.

Why do people want me to have more followers because they should have more likes, comments, and all the work can be done by a real user like you, that’s why you increase your real and active followers, that’s why let’s know how to increase followers on instagram without other apps

1. Create an Instagram account from FacebookIf you have not created an Instagram account and want to create one now, then if you have a Facebook account, then you should create it from Facebook itself so that the profile photos that are in Facebook remain in it so that people will recognize you as soon as they see your photos. 

By creating an account from Facebook, all your Facebook friends on Instagram will know that they have created their Instagram account so that they will start following you.

2. Optimize Instagram Account To increase followers, it is necessary to do account optimization, that is, after creating the account, setting the profile properly such as Profile Picture, Instagram Bio, or a link to any of your websites or channels must be set.

For that you go to your Instagram account and click on your profile, then click on Edit Profile and fill in all the information related to your account, whatever information is not in your account like bio, email, name,  add them all. 

Apart from all this, you add the best images to the profile picture and post high-quality images so that people will like it and people will follow you.

3. Upload good quality photo Before uploading any photo, check that it should be of good quality, you can take the photo with a DSLR camera because DSLR comes with very good and HD images if you do not have Dslr and you can not afford It.

So you buy a mid-range smartphone because today’s phone has a very good camera and very good photos come in it and the quality is also good, whatever images you post, do not do much editing on the photos. Size works.

If you want to edit photos and want to make them better, then read this post:- Apps that make photos

4. Use Engaging CaptionsIf you want to attract people,  then use good captions in the post, it attracts more people, many times they look at captions more than log photos, videos, that’s why you write meaningful captions so that more and more people are attracted to you from captions. Go and do like and comment on your post.

5. Use hashtag whatever post you are posting on Instagram, use hashtags like #Travel #Fashion in those posts, as if you have a photo in which you are celebrating Diwali, then do the hashtag you are using but with # Use the hashtag of Diwali also so that all the people associated with those hashtags of #Diwali can see your post.

Whatever photos you are posting or it is related to the trending topic, then by posting it with Hashtags, your post may become viral and you will get many likes, comments, and followers. Find out the hashtags and if your photos are related to it, then do not forget to put those hashtags.

6. Like and comment on others on Instagram. Like and Comment on other’s photos on Instagram When you like other’s photos, Instagram will think that you know each other, when you post, they will see your posts which they will also like, maybe even follow And they will get the suggestion of a friend named after you, which they can follow you.

Any person whose post you see, give likes and comments to those whom you are commenting, they will definitely follow you, maybe no big celebrity follows you but if you are following a common person then they must follow you. will back

7. Please write the local location increase Instagram followers, when you make a post, you must write the local location, so that Instagram will show your post to the active users at your location so that you will get more likes and comments.

People will understand that this is the user closest to us, from which they will start following you, which increases the chances of increasing your follower. 

8. Create Reels on Instagram ( Daily 1 Reel)In today’s time, there is a very good craze of reels and short videos in India, people like to watch this, if the user likes the reels, then they will definitely like and comment, which increases the chances of increasing your followers. 

Photos and short videos on your Instagram account also become viral easily on the reel, whatever type of videos you know to make, you have made similar videos like Drawing, Comedy, Information, Motivation, Singing, Fitness, etc. can make 
You can increase maximum followers by making these videos.

9. Upload photos and videos on Trending Topic You should first check that whatever topic is trending on Instagram, you like and comment on the post related to it, as if there is a festival, then we have to make a post related to it so that the AO post can be viral.

If you are posting or uploading a video on a trending topic, then do not forget to put Hashtag because nowadays #tag is the very best keyword to make your images and videos viral, if you will be posting related to the trending topic then your account But there is a chance to grow the most real follower 

10 Consistent Posting ( Daily 1 Post)To increase the number of follower on Instagram, it is very important to do regular posting, along with this the timing of the post is also very important, that’s why you should know at what time we have to post, according to me, you should post 8 Am or 6 Pm in this time. Engagement will be found.

At this time more people use mobile phones, that’s why you can get more likes and comments. 

The best day to post on Instagram is Wednesday. Because on Wednesday, most users are active on insta and if people like your profile then they will follow you too.

11. Maintain Instagram Account engagement always keep the engagement of your Insta account,  for that, you should always be active here, keep liking and commenting on the images of others, follow whatever person you see randomly, if you follow them then they will also follow you back.
Always being active, Instagram feels that this user is very active, then promotes those accounts a little, post regularly, and reply to whatever comments come in those posts.

12. Must put Stories on InstagramThese days stories are very famous, people like to put stories very much, if a person puts stories today, you also apply Daily Stories, along with increasing engagement of stories  Instagram account, also maintain engagement.
A story expires in 24 hours, do not forget to use location and hashtag while posting stories.

13. Promote Instagram Account. If you use Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram, then promote your account on those platforms and people will know that you are also on Instagram then people will follow you on insta too.

If you have a blog or YouTube channel, then you must mention your Instagram account in them so that if any user likes your videos or posts, then they will definitely follow your Instagram account.

14. Use  Instagram management too many people do not have enough time to post daily or be always active on Insta, that’s why we can use Instagram management tools, you can use Instagram management tools to keep your account updated by timing and date can be set. These tools will automatically post the scheduled post on Instagram.

15.  Collaborate with OthersCollab with others to increase followers on insta Usually YouTuber, Social Media Celebrities, use it a lot, they collab with creators and upload videos and photos, both have the advantage. 

In this way, the followers of increases, you should also collab with someone and take a photo with them and upload that photo on your account by tagging them as well, so all the followers they have will follow you and your followers will be boosted.

App to increase followers on Instagram 

There are many Instagram follower increasing apps on the internet, but with these apps, you can increase followers, but let me tell you that these are not real followers, they are all robot ids who only follow you.

Website to increase followers on Instagram

People repeatedly search websites to increase followers on Instagram, but let me tell you that these sites are Fraud, they give good followers in no time through these sites but all those followers will gradually decrease if you want to increase real followers. You follow the above tips.

Do not increase followers from any site or app

Do not use any auto follower apps and websites to increase followers on Instagram because these are all bots, if you use any tools and website then you will get followers in the beginning but those numbers will be reduced gradually.

And if you are using any such tools and website, then Instagram is very advanced now, it will verify your account and find out whether your follower is real or fake. Will remove from the list.

Fake Follower never likes or comments on your post, it is all just a coding script that only follows you.

If you use the tools to increase Likes, then those likes will not last, slowly all those likes will work, and if Instagram finds that you are increasing fake likes and comments and followers then they delete your account. can also do.
If you have used this tool, then please do not use it again, if you use these websites and apps, again and again, Instagram can also ban your account.

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