How To Download And Install JT WhatsApp App Android? 2021-2022

Are u bored with your WhatsApp? you can’t get privacy on your WhatsApp . so you come nice place today I am discussing JT WHATSAPP 2022 the JT WhatsApp is a very good app for everyone. JT WhatsApp is very very private WhatsApp and use full for everyone. Jim Tech has updated his app to the latest 9.11 version. you can download the JT WhatsApp app from this page for free. so let’s start about JT WHATSAPP apk now.

  • Here is the latest versin of JT whatsapp 9.11 app.
  • Follow the step for download the JT WHATSAPP APP in given below:

What is JT WHATSAPP APP 2021-2022?

JT WhatsApp is a very good WhatsApp than other types of is very useful for our privacy and many other things. this WhatsApp has many types of functions in the app like freeze last seen,anti-delete messages, and other custom privacy like this.

Jim El rezzi (Jim tech) developed this app. the specialties of this app is its simple pink UI. it also has many other cool and amazing themes in the theme is a light wave and all features like FM WhatsApp 2022.

The app gets a new version after 7-8 days of a found mods update. If you are looking for the best and safest WhatsApp in 2022 then download JT WhatsApp 2022, it is a lightweight WhatsApp mod app with the best features and pink UI, then JT Whatsapp apk is the best option.

Features keys

  • Anti ban inbuilt.
  • Read hide status,play status,recipt status,typing,recording and more.
  • Share upto 90 photos at once times.
  • No loss and decrease quality of photo while sending it to anyone.
  • Customization colourfull.
  • When someone send you a photo the delete it,That would not be deleted from you.
  • You can change the size of every single elements like fonts,status,symbol and many things.
  • You can see “status” directly for the chat screen.
  • No anyone see your last online while you can see their.
  • Send large videos and increases media upload limit or anything up to 2 GB.
  • You can dual whatsapp,themes and much more.

How to download JT whatsapp and install on android phone (v9.11)

You know about the JT WhatsApp app comes in com. Whatsapp package. so you can use this WhatsApp as a secondary WhatsApp app account.

If you want t make it primary WhatsApp then make a backup from your original WhatsApp.then, uninstall that.

Download JT WhatsApp from com.Whatsapp package from our download page.

Install it from the link and do some formalities like activate your phone number, restore the backup and enjoy it.

If you want a secondary WhatsApp then follow the given steps:

step 1: Download the JT WhatsApp app from google and many other apps and link here ” click here

step 2: Open this app and do some formalities like enter your phone number and OTP on this number you have entered. (unable some sources from setting )

step 3: Open the app and verify your number and OTP.

Enjoy ours JT WhatsApp with super exciting features of JT WhatsApp app in your phone : )

How to update JT whatsapp from old version to new version 2022

As it is a modified version of WhatsApp, you can’t get an updated version from the play store.

Now you can add this page from our website and download this for a more exciting app and update version of the app, so download this or add this ” click here

step 1: Download the latest version of jt WhatsApp app (9.11)

step 2: After downloading, the app, install the app from the file manager and open it.

step 3: Congrats! your JT WHATSAPP APP is now updated from the latest version.

Open and enjoy it……. : )

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