How to do advanced setting in blogger blog (Step by Step)

If you are a new blogger then you must have created your blog on blogger, every blogger starts his blogging journey from a blogger in the beginning, blogger is a free platform, any person can make his blog for free, most people to blogger. Only opt for blogging but do not know about Blogger Basic Seo Settings.

In such a situation, there are many bloggers who do not know Blogger‘s Advance Seo settings. The settings help you a lot in ranking.

Before doing all these settings, let me tell you that you should do all these settings very well and carefully, if you make any mistake, then there may be problems in your blog, so you should follow the steps given by us properly.

One thing that everyone will know is that there are many Seo plugins in WordPress, but there is no such plugin in Blogger, so we will learn in blogger settings search preferences in English. 

How to set up SEO in Blogger (New Interface)

1. Optimize Blog Title 

When someone searches your blog in Google, the title of your blog first appears there, so the title is very important, if possible, keep your title related to the blog.

How to Add Title to Blogger Blog

To enter the title in blogger you have to click on the option of the Setting by log in to blogger now be exposed to setting the Bloggers have  the “Basic” to tittle -click on it and enter the keywords related to your blog and Save Click on

2. Enable Https on your blog

Now you must turn on HTTPS because it is very important for the blog, if you do not do this setting, then you may face problems in Url and Redirection.

How to Enable Blogger Blog’s Https.

First, you have to go to the section with HTTPS and turn on HTTPS availability and also turn on HTTPS  Redirect so that whenever someone searches your blog without HTTPS, it gets redirected to HTTPS.

3. Meta Description 

If you do not know what is meta description is, give an example of meta description, then whenever a person searches in Google, there is a meta description below the title of the blog, if your blog is related to tech, then you should enter meta description related to tech. Is.
You can use 160 characters for meta description in your blog, whatever niche your blog is on, you can use the keywords of those niches.
For example, if you have a Tach blog and the language of your blog is Hindi, then you can write information like Computer, Mobile, Tv, Camera, internet, etc. in Hindi like this. It depends on you which topic you are sharing information about on your blog.

How to add meta description in blogger now you have to go to the Meta Description section, you have to turn on Enable Search Description, below you will see the option of Search Description, click on it, now you have to enter related keywords from your blog.

4. Custom Robot txt 

When we write a blog and post it, first of all, the bots of google check it, only then those posts are indexed in google.
With the help of Robot txt, we can fully control our blog. There are some such pages in our blog which we do not want to index in Google, so we can use Robot txt to prevent those pages from being indexed.

How to add Robot txt in blogger blog, first of all, you have to go to the section with Crawlers and Indexing, you have to turn on Enable custom robots.txt, now you have to click on Custom robot txt and enter your generated Robot txt and click on Save.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /


You can add the above Robot txt code to your blog by changing the URL of my blog and do not forget to enter your URL.

5. Custom Robot Header tags

By setting this, you will be able to fully control what you do not want to index in your blog, now you have to turn on Enable custom robots header tags. 

Save by turning on Homepage Tags-All and Noodp.
Archive and Search page tagsSave by turning on No index and Noodp.
Post And Page TagsSave All and Noodp by turning them on.

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