How to Check Jio Number, Balance & Data Usage In 2021

If you do not know what is my Jio mobile number? If you don’t even know your number. How can you share the mobile number with friends or family and don’t you recharge, how to check Jio number? in which blog, how do you find your Jio number? In this blog, we will teach you how to get your number in different ways.

(Jio No. Check for SIM & More)

Details of Jio Number CodesCheck Jio Mobile Number Code
Reliance Jio Number Check CodeSend an SMS to 199
Complaints, Queries, Sharing problem and Requests (From Own Jio Mobile Number)198/199 (Toll-Free)
Complaints, Queries, Sharing problem and Requests (From another Number)18008899999
Check Jio Number Code*1#
Check Jio Balance Code        *333#
Check Jio Number Email[email protected]

How to check Jio number?

you can go through this method. You can get “My Jio Number Details” via the MyJio App. This method gives an answer to the question “How to check my Jio number”, you can do this in 3 steps. Now see below how you can now.

step:1  Easy to Download the MyJio app from the Play Store

step:2 Now, log on to your MyJio account

step:3 On the Home Screen, You will see that your number will show registered in my Jio app account section.

How to Check Jio Number, Balance & Data Usage In 2021
How to check Jio number for MyJio app

How to check my Jio number without an app

Now you will see that you can check your number without any other application or website, that too easily stay tuned for further reading…..


Jio Number Check by SMS Code

Jio has no Jio number check USSD code. However, you can send an SMS only from your Jio mobile number. You type text “MYPLAN” and send SMS to 199 (Jio Number Check)

You will get a message immediately on the given registered mobile number. Use this Jio Number Check Code to easily check your Jio number details, Now you have your number.


Know Jio Mobile Number By Calling Customer Care

Call customer care on 198. Now you can find out your number by calling customer care, apart from this you can ask them your Jio number’s account details otherwise many things will help you to solve your issue problem all.


Call another phone to check your Jio number

If you have sim recharge then the easiest way is by calling other people to know your number, you can find your number so very easily, you just have to enter that person’s number in your dialer pad and call him and from him, you can ask for your number or check, Now your number is in front of you.

I hope you probably know how to get your number

How to check Jio Data Balance

To check your data balance, you can see by logging in to your MyJio app, it is very easy and simple to see and understand this My Jio app.

If you know your Jio Balance and Validity, you can dial at below USSD code on the dialer pad.

  • *111*1*3# : check Jio data balance
  • *333#: Check Main Balance

Dial at customer care at 198. Call this number on customer care and get more details about your Jio mobile number and data balance query.


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FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)


How to find details of jio number?

With the help of the Jio app, you can enjoy complete details and service of your number and can get details of specific Jio numbers through the USSD code.

How to know Jio number in the easiest way?

The easiest way to check your number is to call a relative or friend with your phone number and your number will be in front of you.

Is there any way to check jio number online?

If seen technically, you can check your Jio number online through MyJio app that which is also an online platform.

How to know the Jio number is valid?

Before knowing this, you have to know whether the number you have is active or not, you can do one thing that you register yourself by going to the MyJio app, and however, you can call customer care and ask your query. can ask for a solution.

More FAQ read go to

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