we discuss about the bgmi is a very popular games.the games is very intresting and good.the game is part of pubg mobile.After a year pubg is banned in india because the pubg is a part of china so the national issues banned the pubg mobile because china fought with the indian army so india banned all apps from china like pubg mobile and tiktok & many other apps. BGMI is a part of PUBG mobile.


Now we are going totalk about Arena and Evoground in this.In Evoground,new updates are coming with new modes,every new updates is changed like saome new maps have come inthis update.

And the comes arena,it has 8 maps in which all has very good maps.whose name is team deathmatch,gungame,domination,assult,arena,traverse insectoid,cheer park,payload.It’s all just a 10 minute match.


BGMI people get new redeem code every day so that we do online in which we have to enter our character ID or Redeem code or varification code,after entering this we get some things from the side of BGMI,we get gift or many other things in the game.In this we can also create redeem code by ourselves.these redeem codes make youtubers today redeem code is JKDSJ14IHD. Is given by the side of BGMI.

About bgmi

bgmi games is very bgmi games start from corner by start button then all over 100 bgmi player entering in one match then one by one player jump according he was want to go then we all robbery the guns,ammo,nade,smoke,pan,medicine,drink and many others thing then many player are camping there for come to kill him and many player are searching buggy,motorcycle,dacia and other vechile for going to kill anyone then after 2-3 minutes the zone is sharking and goes.then minutes by minutes everyone kill anyone for increasing her point.after 20 minutes zone is very small then the all player are camping then minutes by minutes zone is too small then in last 2 player are alive then one kill her they got WINNER WINNER CHIKKEN DINNER

so that’s all about it……………..

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