Battleground mobile india is an online multiplayer games app.It is developed and published by PUBG is only for Indian users.the game released on 2 july 2021 in android users and,on 18 augest 2021 for IOS devices.

Today we discuss about BGMI uc purchase,BGMI free uc and BGMI royal lets’s start with BGMI Free uc.

How To Get BGMI Free UC…..?

If you wnt free uc in BGMI then you will download some app for make points.when you make a point in the app then you will invest you point in the app then you playend the games.after a months you will increases your money then you withdrawn your cash then invest your free money to buy UC in is very usefull.

The BGMI UC is to own your coupon to make create coupon then you got many items like pink items,red items,blue itemsis a legendary itmes when you got a red itmes your luck is very good .when you got pink itmes is a very good it is also a legendary itmes.after then you got a blue items is is a normal itmes.

How To Buy BGMI UC…..?

when you play BGMI you got many things like BP and many these UC is a main part of is avery usefull for our game.we discuss how to buy BGMI UC? there are many types for buy BGMI UC. we buy UC from our account.

Follow The Step To Buy UC

  • Open you phone and open BGMI.
  • In the corner of BGMI you will see UC symbol click on UC symbol.
  • Then you will see many types of UC buys in the offer.
  • Then you will choice your own type of UC purchase
  • After the click you go in your pay account.
  • Click on UPI ID or somethings elsa.
  • Then you will do some account formalities.
  • After this you will see your UC is sucessfully buy.
  • Enjoy…….

How To Buy Royal Pass In BGMI…?

W discuss about how to buy uc in the paragraph after we will discusss how to buuy royal pass.Royal pass is a very good things in the BGMI game.Royal pass have 2 types.we buy royal pass for one season after a season a royal pass is end.the maximum royal pass is 50.when you buy a royal pass you got many things like bags skin,gun skin,legendary dress,legendary helmet and many legendary items.after a weak a royal pass give many mission when you complete you mission your RP is increses & increses then you got many itmes.

Royal Pass Have 2 Types…?

  1. 600 UC ROYAL PASS
  2. 1800 UC ELITE PASS

Follow The Step To BUy Royal Pass

  • Open BGMI.
  • Press royal pass icon
  • OPen royal pass elite.
  • choose option which you want for royal pass
  • Click and press yes.
  • Then you see you purchase a royal pass.
  • Enjoy.


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