Battleground Mobile India/Graphic/Maps


Today We Discuss About (BGMI) Battleground Mobile India. The Games are no.1 in the world & it is very good & best game. it is a very unique game.

What Is Battleground Mobile India?

BGMI is a indian version of the PUBG mobile game. In 2019 indian govt banned the pubg mobile due to national security issues.Becauses pubg mobile is a chinese application including pubg & tiktok and many other apps are banned by india govt.

In the time the version of bgmi is 1.8.0 apk. in this version bgmi update some new features & bugs fixes in the game. the game is available on google playstore & apple store and many other store.


Now,I’M gone to about bgmi.In this game we have five types of classsic maps.These classic maps are Erangel,Sanhok,Miramar,Karakin,Livik and Vikendi.

Classic maps are most important part od BGMI.The maps are very good & the exciting the experience.BGMI maps are vry diffrent from other game maps.

In the classic maps we have 6 maps.And Erangel and miramar are bigs maps.while vikendi,sanhok,livik and karakin are much smaller than the BGMI games we also have a Arcade mode,Evoground and Arena also.

Arcade maps have 4 types of maps like War,sniper training,mini zone and quick match.In arcade maps would only have 10-15 minutes of a game.

Point About Arcade Maps

  • In war maps we come back alive after death.
  • In sniper traning we practice with sniper guns,which are good sniping.
  • In the mini zone,the zome comes quickly and the match ends quickly.
  • In quick match,the match is shorter and guns of the same type are found.


The graphic of the game is very good to all over the game in the world.the graphic is much better than freefire.when the game is uploded in the india the graphic setting is available in the corner of the game in setting in 3 number. and the sensitivity is also a good in the game.

You can keep your match sensitivity on the side where you can play the you also give a gyroscope.gyroscope is very good button this button work like when you down your phone then the your game man also down in the game according to your phone sensetion your bgmi player is also doing work like you.

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