Anyone Play World No.1 Noob Pc Game

Here we have told you about the Top 5 world noob games for PC, we have given you details about all the games here, so let’s know which are the noob games related to PC.

No 1: Trials Fusion – Number 1 noob game

Friends Trials Fusion is a bike stunt game, if you play it inside your PC, then in the beginning you will enjoy a lot and you will also feel that this game is very easy but as you get used to it. If you move inside, this game makes everyone sweat,

Because in this game, you go ahead and get more and more difficult labels, to complete which you will have to practice a lot inside this game and also your bike riding skills should be very good, then only you can play this game. You will be able to complete the next level.

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No 2: The Witness – World’s no.1 noob game

Friends, this game was launched in 2016 and we get to see its graphics very well, but here let us tell you, you get to see a lot of different types of games,

We tell you here, this game is a puzzle game in which you have to solve the puzzles, you will get to see a lot of difficult puzzles in this game, as well as inside this game you get to hear some audio sounds, which you can listen to. You have to complete your puzzles.

All the levels of this game are very hard, which you cannot solve without putting your mind, if you have more power to think and understand, then only you can play this game and that’s why we have named this game as World Noob. Listed in the game.

No 3: Super meat boy – No 1 noob game in India

Friends, this is such a difficult game in the world, many youtubers have broken their computer while playing, as well as some people start killing themselves, now if you are thinking of playing this game, then you should give this game Have to play very carefully,

Because this game can shake your mind, friends, actually this game is a ball running game, inside this game you have to complete all the levels through your words,

But when you play this game and when you advance what is told to you inside the game to complete the level, on the way you will see much more, which we can also call unlimited, as much as you see the blade moving. gives,

On which if your bowl is hit, then your bowl gets crushed and after that you have to play that level again from the beginning,

And while playing this game, when your bol chor is again and again and every time you have to play the game again and again, then everyone’s mind gets spoiled here and after the brain gets spoiled, a person can do anything. That’s why we are here to tell you that if you play this game, then play it with a little thought.

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No 4: Getting over it with bennett foddy

Friends, if you know CarryMinati, then let us tell you here that this is the same game that CarryMinati broke his desktop while playing, it is a very difficult game and everyone’s mind is spoiled by playing it. Goes,

But everyone will definitely want to complete it once, because this game is interesting and hard as well as a lot of fun, seeing that everyone will definitely want to play once,

Second, inside this game you are shown a man who is trapped inside a pot and he has a hammer, friends, in this game you have to make that man cross a big mountain with the help of that hammer. It happens,

If by mistake your hammer is put in the wrong place or it is not able to put the right place, then you fall down from the mountain and you have to start the game again,

This game is available for both mobile and computer.

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No 5: Dark Souls – No 1 noob game

Friends, whenever a developer makes a game, then the only thing in his mind is that whatever camp he makes, when his users play, enjoy playing it, but you get to see this game so much difficult that it is complete. To be able to do is beyond everyone’s bus,

There will be very few people who will have completed this game, if you play this game, then at first it will be difficult for you to stay inside this game for few minutes,

To understand this game, you will have to play this game 50 – 100 times, then somewhere you will understand this game that what you have to do in this game.


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