Animation | Everything you need to know about working in animation design

Since childhood, we all have been watching cartoon animation videos on TV. And our day goes by watching all these cartoons.

For this, we have been listening to our parents as well. Children and adults also like to watch it. Most of the animation cartoons are watched by children and used to go to the TV all day and watch.

All kinds of Cartoon Engine TV serials have been made for children. They are created with the help of perfect animation.

Due to the curiosity of animation in the people, the demand for animation works has increased very recently. That is why Field of animation is providing a huge platform.

For all those students who want to make their career in this. In today’s blog, what is animation, and how to make your career in it? gonna tell you about all these things.

What is Animation and where is it use?

Animation is a technology by which a character or image is shown speaking or moving with photos that cannot actually move.

In this, many objects are made to move by giving energy and emotion so that they appear to be moving on the screen. Many photos are used to make the animation, in which there is an image of different reactions and they are moved at a high speed so that it appears to be moving.

And now animation is not limited to the world of TV, but it is also used in many other fields like games, movies, aids, news, printing, web designing etc.

Animation is being used in the fields, there are many such films or they have been completed. The entire animation is created or some scenes have been used for animation like Kung Fu Panda, Angry Birds, Toys Stories, Krish, Spider-Man, Avengers etc. Not only children but adults also like to watch all these animation movies.

Due to which the demand for animated movies and cartoons has increased in the movies industry.

There are many types of animation too.

  • Tradition Animation (Color Hand Drawn)
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Motion Grapic
  • Computer animation

In the olden times, to create animation, the image character was made by hand drawing on a transparent sheet, in this process many pictures were made.

In today’s time, traditional animation is used only to make cartoons, computer animations are being used in the modern era, it is the latest technology.

Mainly Three Types of Computer animation

2d Animation

3d Animation


Who is an animator and what do they do?

The person who creates animation is called an animator. An animator captures a number of images, then animates the images in sequence to form a video or zip file.

Their work is full of creativity where a person should have the ability to visualize.

Computer tools are needed to prepare the animation, which can also plot plane images in dramatic motion. That is why it is very important to know about all the things and software related to computers. With its help, Films, Television, Cartoons, advertisements, computers, Games, Websites, Animation, Music, Video are all made.

Courses of Animator Carrer

To become an animator or to know everything about animation one has to do an animation course.

Animation courses are said to be those courses in which students are given all the information related to animation, they are told about animation software so that they can make it easier to make animation designs, although there are 2 types of courses available to learn animation

  • Diploma
  • Degree

The diploma course is for 1 year and the degree course is for 3 years. By learning diploma course you will be able to learn basic things but in a degree course, you will be able to learn about advanced technology so that you will be able to get different field jobs.

Apart from this, some small short-term certificate programs are also done by many private institutions so that you can improve your skills even more. These programs teach visual effects, specialization, digital compositing, video editing, and more

Fees of animation courses are different but it costs more money, it costs around 1.5 to 2 lakhs.

What is its Career Opportunity?

Now we know how to make your career in the field of animation. If a person wants to make a career in the field of animation, then there should be creativity in him because all the work in this field is of creativity.

To become a perfect animator, one must have a passion for hard work, visualization, ability, imagination, creativity, logical understanding. Along with this, you must also have an interest in painting and drawing. Along with this, technical knowledge is also needed in this scripting, live drawing, model animation, etc.

As the demand for animation is increasing, the opportunities for animators are also increasing and they are getting work in various professions like Graphic Designer, Multimedia Developer, Game Developer, Character Designer, Keferme Animator etc.

Animation Qualification Required

Degree course– To pursue a Degree course, a student has to study 12 and it is also necessary to have a score above 45%. In India, there is also admission for admission in some arts. You will get options to choose from many courses in the degree course. Like Animation, M.Sc Multimedia, M.Sc Animation, BA Animation

Diploma course– To take admission in the Diploma course, the student must have passed 10th class and in this also he has to have more than 45% score.

If you want to study further, then in this field you can also get post-graduation and Ph.D. degrees. For both these degrees, a student must have a certificate of a graduate degree or diploma degree.

All India Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) exam is conducted by IIT Bombay for the PhD degree in India. So that in order to get admission for the study of animation in IITs and IISs located in India.

By the way, there are many institutes in India which offer many courses in animation.

Arena Multimedia, Delhi

Arena Multimedia, Mumbai

Arena Multimedia, Bengaluru

Arena Multimedia, Noida

Global School of Animation, New Delhi

Global School of Animation, Chennai

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Mumbai

Industrial Design Centre, IIT Mumbai

Birla Institute of Technology, Noida

Career prospect

There are many opportunities for creative people. After taking a graduate diploma and post graduate degree in animation, you will get a chance to work as a part of the creative team in many places like television channels, product houses, multimedia agencies, advertising agencies, web design and Graphic Design Firms, Mobile Application Firms, Gaming Companies in these places get a chance to work with good salary package.

Animation has now become an important part of not only films but also in the fields of business, sales, engineering, education, and advertising.

Fashion design, interior designing, medical and insurance companies are also using animation for the presentation of their products, as the experience in this field increases, your salary will also increase.


So, friends, we have a hope that you have got all the information related to what is animation in this blog and how to make your career in this field, I have always tried this, through our article, you will get complete information on one topic. so that you don’t have to go anywhere. If you liked the article don’t forget to share.

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